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Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Thomas King’s BioPhotoTom

In developing Building Foundations LLC (BFLLC), Tom’s previous career experiences of implementing, applying and coaching project management programs made Fortune Builder’s (FB) the ideal choice as a partner; its core philosophy of a systems and standardized processes approach aligns with known approaches that ensure success. The similarities in philosophy of the systematic approaches for FB and BFLLC has recognizable elements of the tools used in six-sigma, lean and project management, which Tom found valuable to ensure successes throughout his corporate career.

Tom has an entrepreneurial spirit and experience. While the other companies were started with the objective of creating value and selling, BFLLC will be built as a lifestyle company to enrich the lives and livelihood of the owners and associated stakeholders. BFLLC’s aim is to enable the community and its citizens by providing win-win strategies where traditional alternatives for housing issues are unsuitable for the owners and these issues in turn devalue the local community’s spirit, aesthetics and economy. Tom’s interest in home improvement stems from working with and enjoying his father’s and brother’s more than 50 years of success in design, build and remodel of fine residential homes in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Tom earned advanced degrees from his formal training in science and engineering. Tom’s career spans more than twenty-five years as a project management and quality consultant for small and Fortune 500 corporations providing engineering and applied research in advanced technology programs.

While sounding light-hearted, two sayings will be heeded to keep a watchful eye for BFLLC; the first is attributed to Yoda and the author of the second is unknown: “Do. Or do not. There is no try” and “The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise, rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression.”


We provide quality homes focused on “how can I help you?”

Christopher Leone’s BioSONY DSC

With more than 10 years of real estate management and sales experience, Chris is the talent behind the management, sales and motivation in Building Foundations LLC (BFLLC). Chris initially became a licensed real estate agent, and soon after a broker, to form a company to identify, buy, rehab, and sell properties in the western suburbs of Chicago. Many creative marketing, acquisition and liquidation strategies were learned and applied to create win-win strategies and grow the company.

Chris knows sales are focused on “how can I help you.” You have to help other people get what they want and make it a personal credo to be successful. We are not in the real estate business; we are in the people business. BFLLC management’s goal is to be a problem solver for people. We will stay on task with that message; utilize, leverage, and scale proven system and process principles and techniques; and adapt the abundance mentality espoused by Fortune Builders; and grow by helping more people.

His successfulness is underpinned and bolstered by team spirit, positive attitude, integrity, concern, and out-going friendliness that is a prerequisite to effective networking. These natural qualities are supplemented by a commitment for self-actualization and personal development. Physical and mental acuity is everything so, just like exercising, seeking, assimilating and sharing the pleasure of positive mental and personal improvement and development is a life-style; it is a daily priority to attain new or reinforce and sustain established worthy patterns gleaned from a quote, article, book, webinar, and/or seminar.

It’s not what we are that holds us back. It’s what we think we’re not!!


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