The impact of dated kitchens and obsolete bathrooms on price

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OldKitchenThe impact of dated kitchens and obsolete bathrooms on price – 

 Having a dated kitchen or obsolete bathrooms in a house would constitute what may be termed a fatal error when it comes to selling a house. In fact it is recommended that the kitchens and bathrooms in a house be updated before it is put on sale. Inability or unwilling to do so, will most likely negatively impact the price. This is because the buyers would consider the kitchen and bathroom to be inappropriate for modern day usage and may ask for a discount on the price.

Investing in improvement of bathrooms and kitchens is in fact more or less de rigueur in the case of old houses as these would not have many of the modern conveniences and would also not be in consonance with modern styles. Any reading of a real estate ad will show that a lot of stress is always laid on modern and well appointed kitchens and bathrooms.

These days people are quite choosy about the kind of kitchen their house will have. They prefer kitchens that provide a fair amount of work space, have large and solid counters and stellar quality flooring. In fact quite often they like their kitchens to open into another room. This affinity to a large size is just as true for a bathroom where master baths with plenty of room seem to have become the norm. A spa or a whirlpool bath is also considered to be a welcome addition.

Given the importance that people accord to the quality of the kitchen and bathroom in the house, it would be very unwise indeed to not update these, as that would probably have a catastrophic impact on the value of the house. These are times where kitchens and bathrooms in more and more homes resemble those in a luxury spa in terms of comfort, convenience and luxury. So it would be a wise move to put some thought into this matter and make substantial improvements to these vital areas of a house so as to make the property in question a thoroughly attractive buy.

At the very least one should replace old and possibly leaking taps and faucets with modern one and make an attempt to have these sections of the house looking bright, new and dry. In the past the bathrooms and kitchens were not viewed with as critical an eye as they are today. People’s standards and expectations have become quite high in evaluating every part of the house, be it the living room, the bedroom and of course the kitchen and bathroom. The fact that there are professional evaluators who can be hired to let one know the kind of price one can expect for one’s house and what all improvements one can make to get the right price gives one a fair idea of what is required to be done. So the next time someone is readying to list one’s house for sale one knows exactly what will get one an optimal price.

Summary: Having a dated kitchen or bathrooms in the house one is planning to sell will considerably bring down their value. People nowadays expect all the modern conveniences in their kitchens and bathroom and like them to be spacious and luxurious. Therefore investing in modernizing the kitchen and bathrooms will substantially increase the value and selling price of the house.

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