Maintenance of your home

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HomeMaintenanceMaintenance of your home – 

Buying a house may be a huge step for anybody, but that is only the beginning of the process of one’s intimate involvement with every aspect of one’s home. From choosing the décor to furnishing it, a lot goes into the making of a home. And above all there is maintenance. Just as a human body requires sustenance and looking after, a house requires to be taken care of. You have got to paint it, clean it, dust it and take a very good care of it.

It would actually do one a world of good to carry out periodic maintenance checks to ensure that everything is ship shape. Some of the things that one can check on a monthly basis pertain to checking out the HVAC filters (which could be changed if found wanting), cleaning the kitchen sink, the range hood filters and possibly the fire extinguishers. This will save one a great deal of grief later on.

Things like carrying out a check on gadgets like smoke detectors and garage door auto reverse feature, as also the condition of the water softener can be looked into every three months or so. This will ensure that things stay in fine fettle, and one continues to enjoy living comfortably in one’s very own nest. At the end of six months one could carry out more serious checks like testing one’s water heater pressure relief valve. One could also see if the batteries in the smoke detectors need changing. Vacuuming the refrigerator’s coils too is a handy thing to do as it helps conserve power.

Annually one could take care of the really important stuff like checking the total drainage system, cleaning out the gutters and checking for any exterior damage. One may also want to repair damaged windows, carry out a comprehensive paint job, fix any plumbing leaks, check if the roof needs fixing and clear dead plants and shrubs from the house. Besides it may be a great time to get the septic tank checked and pumped if required. Getting a professional to tune up one’s HVAC system for the season ahead-summer or winter is also recommended.

The above may seem like a lot of hard work, but it is well worth the effort.  One has after all made the investment of a lifetime here and one has to ensure that one does everything possible to protect the investment. It is also important from the point of view protecting one’s statutory warranty rights and claims. Also one will most certainly accrue more value to one’s house if it is in top shape. A badly maintained house will certainly take a bad hit in the resale market, in terms of the price. The most important reason for maintaining one’s house well is of course the health and safety of one’s loved ones. Truly, how well a house is maintained speaks a lot about the character of the people who dwell in it.

Summary:  It is not enough to just buy one’s dream house, one needs to maintain it as well. It is therefore a good idea to create a check list of what steps should be taken periodically to ensure that the house is in top shape. This is a good idea from the warranty rights and claims, as well as the investment perspectives. Most importantly a well kept house ensures the health and safety of one’s loved ones.  It in fact  represents the dwellers’ character like nothing else.





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