What is the Role of the BCBA in Schools?

The Role of a BCBA can vary from school to school and from school district to school district. Some BCBAs have  clinical experience in ABA implementation while some have teaching credentials and= the classroom experience to boost their knowledge and creativity when developing interventions for students in school settings. Either way, they bring a knowledge base that is rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis to support students in acquiring, developing, and generalizing  Socially- Significant foundational skills in a variety of settings. 

BCBA’s that work within a school setting MUST see strategy development through the eyes of the “Behavior Change Agents” that are working within the environment. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? Well, the BCBA has a responsibility to develop interventions for their students/ clients that can be implemented by those that have direct contact with them within the environment. We have to be sure that the intervention CAN BE IMPLEMENTED by ALL and not just SOME. We have to be sure that it is not too complicated or convoluted with multiple steps that it becomes impossible to implement or that it actually takes the attention away from the other students in the class. (Hence- this why it is important  that BCBAs work with classroom teachers to embed ABA support strategies within their classroom. )

BCBA’s with Education Specialist credentials can often see things from all angles. We have the knowledge that comes from being a BCBA and  the ability to understand the inner workings and dynamics of teaching in a classroom.  It is with both of these backgrounds, that we can make real behavior change in the school setting for students. 

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Gina Ramshaw M.A.M.S., BCBA Behavioral Consulting

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